EP35 - Ken Jones - Wildlife Advocate


My guest today appreciates the treasures of nature...of wildlife.  Ken Jones talks of tropical plants and exotic animals, exotica music and jungle movies, tropical cocktails and exotic foods, rain forest preservation and wildlife conservation. In his attempt to create more awareness on a subject he is passionate about, he once set up the Tropical Rainforest Museum in California, he has founded the A Team for wildlife & more recently he hosts and produces a podcast called 'Jungle Deep'. With the podcast he claims "I am here with you, to have fun, and to "explore the jungle".


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Ken's Rainforest Expo was a mobile exhibit, part of the outreach effort of the Tropical Rainforest Museum, to science and county fairs, festivals, and shopping malls. Our largest was the The Great Mall in Milpitas, California. 11,000 sq ft of space was transformed into a beautiful show of cultural, natural and wildlife elements to raise awareness about the importance of the tropical rainforest.

Posted on August 8, 2015 .