EP36 - Tim Jones - Census of Hallucinations


My guest this week is no relation to my previous podcast guest. He is a musician & vocalist called Tim Jones, he has been in numerous bands starting in the 1970's. In order to find out as much as I can about Tim's career I put a rule on myself for the first portion of the interview. I can only ask one question about each band. Do I stick by this rule or do I break it? Give a listen & find out. Also discussed are Tim's old radio show Alchemical Radio & the reason why he helped set up an independent artist collective called Stone Premonitions. 

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A fantasy video created for the song 'Stars' by Census of Hallucinations (UK). The band always strive for a unique sound, and now unique imagery. For your pleasure and from a private video collection, created by Maxine Marten with special thanks to Kraznet Montpelier for technical guidance.

Posted on August 22, 2015 .