EP50 - Robert Payne Cabeen - Horror Poet & Scriptwriter


My guest is a scriptwriter, artist & the man behind the book ‘Fearworms’, Robert Payne Cabeen (Tainted Treats, Heavy Metal 2000, A Monkey’s Tale, Walking with Buddha). Fearworms features Cabeen’s new and previously published horror poems--from the 1980s to the present. He insists that his poems are enjoyed to their fullest extent when read aloud.  “Like so many poets, past and present, I write for the ear, not the eye. I would suggest that a well-crafted poem begs to be read aloud. When you recite a poem, you own it--it’s yours for life,” said Cabeen. Also as creative director for Streamline Pictures, Robert helped, anime pioneer, Carl Macek bring Japanese animated features, like Akira, Robot Carnival, Lupin and dozens of other classics to the western market.


Twitter - @fearworms @rpcabeen

Website - http://robertpaynecabeen.com

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