EP52 - Arran Kenny - Vlogger 'Remember That Time'


Today I welcome my first Vlogger to 'Creativity Talks'. Vlogging has become a big deal over the last few years, people from around the world have been picking up cameras & uploading their footage to YouTube. Vlogging has started for many as a hobby & turned into a full time career. My guest this week is Arran Kenny, he is one half of the couple behind the recently started Vlog 'Remember That Time We...' .  Arran & his girlfriend Jess are a long distance couple that document on film their meets up. It is a travelogue for a new generation, so far in their videos they have been to London, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Matlock Bath, the Olympic Village & Batman's House.


YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs2-eHLxi3DR82GZhqMxdvw/videos