EP57 - Brandon Tolle - Pro Wrestling Referee


Ever watched pro wrestling and wanted to know more about the man in the black and white striped shirt? Brandon Tolle grew up watching wrestling, WWE, NWA, WCE & ECW. At the age of eighteen he entered into the wrestling world. Since then he has been administering the rules of the squared circle for Ring of Honour, Heartland Wrestling Association, Dragon Gate USA/Evolve, National Wrestling Alliance, NWA Legends Convention, OCW (Australia) & Border City Wrestling (Canada). Most recently he made his UK debut with IPW and Revolution Pro. This fascinating interview will tell you that there is more to being a pro wrestling referee than just counting three.


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Three days before TJ Perkins won the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and became the first contemporary WWE Cruiserweight Champion, he had his last match in a WWN ring as he faced Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 69. 

REF: Brandon Tolle