EP73 - David Accampo - Writer & Designer


David Accampo is a writer and designer living in Portland, Oregon. He’s the the co-creator the comic book series LOST ANGELS (Comicker Press), SPARROW & CROWE (Habit Forming Fiction) and the upcoming graphic novel, THE MARGINS (Fanbase Press). He also co-created and produced critically acclaimed audio drama, WORMWOOD: A SERIALIZED MYSTERY. He’s an alumnus of the DC Talent Development Workshop with Scott Snyder, and his first DC work was featured in NEW TALENT SHOWCASE 2017. 


Website - http://davidaccampo.com

ComiXology - https://www.comixology.co.uk/David-Accampo

Lost Angelshttps://lostangels.comickerdigital.com

Wormwood Show - http://wormwoodshow.com

Fanbase Press - http://fanbasepress.com

David's Twitter - https://twitter.com/daccampo


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